Even if you have never seen camphor when you feel its strong specific aroma you couldn’t confuse it with another.  The camphor is a compulsory ingredient of many products for local application against a number of illnesses – from a trivial cold to a severe bronchitis, from an over work-out at the fitness to a serious trauma or an advanced arthritis.

What is the camphor? A white crystalline substance which is extracted from the roots and wood of the camphor three (Cinnamomum camphora L.). Its homeland is Asia, it grows in Japan, Taiwan, China and in Sri Lanka, California and Canada is grown in special plantations.
The Pharmacy and the Aromatherapy value it for its calming and at the same time  toning action, antiseptic qualities and immunostimulating potential.

Specific applications of the camphor:

Inhalations in case of runny nose, inflammation of the sinuses, nervous tension, depression, fatigue and insomnia. The camphor evaporates easily and quickly which makes it extremely useful in these cases. It is used on its own and in mixtures for aromatherapy lamps or inhalers.

Dissolved in mineral oil it is used in cases of ear infections and for massages in cases of cold, flu, respiratory diseases, joint problems – arthritis, rheumatism, posttraumatic conditions (fractures , dislocations, bruises). It should not be applied to open wounds.

It is among the ingredients of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of the described conditions.