Argan oil
Argan oil

The argan oil is surely the most modern natural ingredient in the cosmetology. More and more companies develop new products and whole product lines in which the leadership is entrusted to the Moroccan liquid gold.

The wonderful qualities of this oil which the western world discovers with admiration in the last few years are well known to every woman born in West Africa. They use the fruits of  the spiny tree Argan (Аrgania Spinoza in Latin) from centuries in the local cuisine and the traditional beauty rituals.
The Argan is one of the oldest trees on the Earth. It grows very slowly and reaches height of 8-10 m and many years pass before it bears fruit. Today it can be found in only one place – the area Agadir in the Southwestern part of Morocco. From the ancient times the extraction of the priceless oil is a sacred duty and responsibility of the Berber women. About two decades ago Swiss and French entrepreneurs got interested in the Argan tree which marks the beginning of the ruthless exploitation of the Argan forest and of the local women. A special program of UNESCO puts the situation under control:

In 1998 the Argan forest (about 21 million trees at 800 000 hectares) is  registered in the International Biosphere Reserve as a species threatened with extinction. And the Berber women are organized in special cooperatives directed by women chosen by the cooperatives. In this way the Berber women find a dignified livelihood and get adequate remuneration for their hard work.
And it is surely hard – 20 hours manual labor and 35 kilos nuts which is more than the annual harvest of a tree are necessary for the production of only one liter argan oil.

Those who have tried the taste of the argan oil say that “marvelous” is a pale description. Not surprisingly the first use of the oil in Europe is in the gourmet cuisine. But later its incredible cosmetic potential which is a direct consequence of the unique composition of the oil becomes famous. The unsaturated fatty acids are about 80% of its composition and the other part are substances such as antibiotics and fungicides, plant sterols, saponins and vitamins. The argan oil has three times more tocopherols (biological antioxidants) than the olive oil.

The internal application of the argan oil is useful for the health of the cardiovascular system, the active blood circulation, the proper digestion and the strengthening of the immunity.

The cosmetic effects of its use aren’t less impressing. Above all the oil is an exclusive anti-aging agent. It binds free radicals and slows skin aging. It calms irritations, softens the skin and restores its hydrolipid layer. It contributes to the treatment of acne for faster healing of sores, reduces the risk of formation of scars. Visibly reduces wrinkles. When regularly used the skin becomes smooth, soft and supple, looks younger and fresher.