Aloe vera gel
Aloe vera gel

More than 200 types of aloe are known. But only one of them is interesting for the medicine and the cosmetology - Aloe Barbadensis Miller, known as Aloe vera (or the real aloe). This is a tropical plant which is often likened to a variety of cactus. In fact it is from the lily family. Its homeland is North Africa. Four centuries ago it was cultivated in South Europe and it is grown in special farms in Australia, India, Pakistan and China.

The healing qualities of aloe vera are known from the ancient ages. The oldest written document which mentions the plant is from the Sumerian civilization (around 2100 BC). According to the ancient author it was a compulsory part of the everyday beauty rituals of the the Egyptian pharaohs’ wives.

The aloe was regularly used at the healing practice of the ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese and Indian doctors and herbalists. Its healing power was believed to be incomparable especially when it comes to recovery after severe injury, burns and preventing infections. They say that Alexander the Great conquered the island of Socotra only because of the aloe which grew there he needed it for the injured warriors.

Were the ancient right? Surely, their contemporary colleagues would confirm.
No matter how trivial it sounds the only word that describes exactly the aloe vera’s composition is “unique”. The gel in the plant’s leaves which is in fact used for treatment and cosmetic procedures is a real natural miracle. It contains enzymes, 20 amino acids (including 7 from the eight “irreplaceable”), valuable minerals, zinc, saponins, vitamins A, C, E and all B-group, lignin etc.
Thanks to its valuable composition it can renew skin cells and recover damaged skin, it has a strong analgesic action and high effectiveness against germs, bacteria, fungi. It prevents inflammations and deals with those who have already appeared. Provides wonderful results against acne.

The local appliance of aloe vera gel is a traditional treatment method for slight burns, wounds, bruises, rashes, insect bites. It reduces the risk of scarring, helps reducing the wrinkles, bleaches spots that appeared under the influence of the sun or due to age changes. It deeply hydrates the skin, saturates it with valuable vitamins and trace elements. It is suitable after intensive sweating after sport, sunbathing, solarium or sauna. Aloe vara gel is recommended in cases of extremely sensitive skin of patients undergoing radiotherapy.